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A top-class custom-made bathtub

The Hydroxeur® offers an unique bathing experience and represents a new and attractive offer for the demanding clientele in hotels, spas, saunas and beauty centers.

Offers all the advantages of a luxury bathtub in an aesthetic design equipped with a modern and reliable technology. The bathtub with its variety of equipment options allows to experience vitalizing massages with up to 290 water and air jets arranged ergonomically in 5 anatomic zones and can also offer an air jet bath with 60 jets (optional) in a separate pipe system. Flicker-free LED spotlights let the water shine in all colours of the rainbow.

An easy command of the bathtub allow push buttons, a separate or integrated watertight touch screen or a tablett with bluetooth (optional).

The individual design possibilities guarantee a perfect integration in your spa and recreation area.




The Hydroxeur® massage baths use a unique technology thatmixes water with tiny air bubbles. Due to this effect champagne» provides an ideal underwater massage with a therapeutic effect, unparalleled.

The flicker-free illumination of the water fills the bathtub with a full rainbow spectrum. Chromotherapy It has a regenerating and vitalizing effect on thoughts and emotions. Backlightwater can be set to the full color spectrum or individual color according to your needs.choice.

With Hydroxeur® you have a choice of detox treatments, aromatherapyor thalassotherapy. It is also possible to equip the bathtub with special fittingsfor mineral, thermal and sea water.

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  • Relieves stress
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Increasing the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue
  • Participation in tenders, quotation, auction
  • Weight loss effect

Optional features

  • Silent filling in a short time
  • The thermostat provides the required water temperature
  • Rated power — 48l/min
  • Flicker and Spectral Underwater Lighting: Comprehensive, high-performance LED color with rainbow-changing colors. This leads to chromo-regeneration and revitalization
  • Additional indirect lighting on the panel makes the atmosphere cozy

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