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Hydroxeur 200

Hydroxeur 200

A top-class custom-made bathtub

The Hydroxeur® 200 offers an unique bathing experience and represents a new and attractive offer for the demanding clientele in hotels, spas, saunas and beauty centers.

Hydroxeur 200



The Hydroxeur® 200 bath represents a new and unique offering for a demanding clientele in hotels, spa centers and beauty clinics.

The Hydroxeur® 200 offers all the benefits of a luxurious bathtub in an aesthetic design, equipped with modern and reliable technology.

The use of medical technology developed by Trautwein avoids the growth of bacteria in the air supply and heating system, as happens in conventional jacuzzi. A built-in automatic flushing system is provided for flushing the entire channel system and is carried out after each drain of the bath.

As a result, the smallest air bubbles are added to the water, and the temperature of the water circulating in the bath remains constant without additional heating. The elimination of the air heating system makes Trautwein’s hydromassage baths the most hygienic and safest.

The bath can be equipped with up to 290 hydromassage jets, 60 jets airmassage, LED lighting, filling control, automatic drain and a convenient control system with a waterproof touch screen or tablet with Bluetooth. All these features make bathing a real pleasure.


  • Relieves stress
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Increasing the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue
  • Participation in tenders, quotation, auction
  • Weight loss effect

Optional features

  • Silent filling in a short time
  • The thermostat provides the required water temperature
  • Flicker and Spectral Underwater Lighting: Comprehensive, high-performance LED color with rainbow-changing colors. This leads to chromo-regeneration and revitalization
  • Additional indirect lighting on the panel makes the atmosphere cozy

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  • 2300х900х860 mm
  • water
  • music
  • warmth
  • algae
  • oil
  • sea water
  • hydromassage
  • chromotherapy

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  • water
  • hydromassage
  • seaweed
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  • oil
  • material acrylic
  • color white
  • water capacity 600 l, 800 l (159 gal)

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