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Height-adjustable nursing tub Residenz

Height-adjustable nursing tub Residenz

Model RESIDENZ with support foot.

Nursing tub Residenz



The RESIDENZ nursing lift tub combines the requirements of a professional nursing environment with well thought out functions and attractive design. The extendable shower head as well as the noise reduced cascade inlet provide for an appealing visual appearance. High-quality Hansgrohe fittings with a high capacity thermostatic mixer (48l/min.) optimize the security by scalding protection and fast tub filling. Maintenance of the mountings can be done economically by the in-house technician. The free placement without floor mounting enables an optimal handling with patient lifting devices. The wide, deep and ergonomically shaped tub body also provides enough space for taller persons. The head thereby rests in a comfortable elevated position.

If desired, the RESIDENZ combines three treatment applications in a worldwide unique way: colored light, sound wave massage and Hydroxeur® -massage, all of which enhance well-feeling and relaxation.

Our unique Hydroxeur®-principle with 60 air-/water jet nozzles creates an extraordinary treatment with a high therapeutic effect. It involves air being injected directly into the water pipes. Our bath additives have been specially formulated for the Hydroxeur® whirlpool. The surge bath emits fine swirls and eddies that create millions of tiny air bubbles. These bubbles mix our fragrant additives with the water creating a pleasant inhalation and aroma therapy. The air is intensely intermixed and remains in the oxygenated water for minutes, creating an unique, aromatic Champagne effect. Using our Hydroxeur®-principle all air and water nozzles are supplied through a single canal system, cleaning and desinfection of the water and air is thereby effected simultaneously .

The PROFESSIONAL SPA bathing additives with different scents and effects make the nursing bath a professional wellness area.

Dive into the world of sound. Be it rock, pop, classic or special relaxation music the sound you will hear in our Hydroxeur® baths is crystal clear. The bath itself serves as the speaker and transmits the sound waves through the water to the bather. The music is perceived in a totally unique way — as sound through your ears and as vibrations through your body. The whole sensory and motor function of the body is activated.

Seamlessly integrated, flicker-free, high power coloured LED illuminate the bath water with alternating rainbow colours and provide an extraordinary ambience. If desired, the lights can be adjusted by the bather to show only the favourite colour or the light changes automatically into different rainbow colours. The importance of light on our organism is reflected in seasonal affective disorder and spring fever phenomena.




  • Stageless electric height adjustment
  • Tub body made of high-grade acrylic resistant against capillary fissures
  • High performance Hansgrohe thermostat, 48l/min
  • 1 ½“, 2 ½ tub drain optionally available
  • Mobile pneumatic manual switch for lifting and lowering
  • Compatible with hoists from other manufacturers
  • Free colour choice for the tub body and cladding according to the Trautwein colour chart without extra charge

Optional features

  • Wellness module for seniors with sound wave massage and chromotherapy
  • Built-in disinfection device with showerhead
  • AquaJet-device and massage hose
  • Automatic filling
  • Wall connections
  • Emergency lowering device

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